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Bruno Eduardo Sepúlveda Penna, Hello Mentor program Brainport Eindhoven

I met John in the Hello Mentor program at the Brainport Eindhoven office for the first time in person. He offered his services as a coach for the program, and I was looking for a mentor that provided me insights in order to get into the Dutch labor culture.

Since that day, we stablished contact. Now the program is finished and we pursue to keep in touch.

John has been super helpful to me in different ways. He’s not just an experienced human, but also is open. He shared his experiences, and also has brought support when needed. He doesn’t hesitate to give compliments, or to detect pitfalls that may come with strengths. This has been useful, as he has given me confidence over myself.

With a great mood, and a willingness to talk about everything, John guided me in my first steps as a professional in the Netherlands. I would totally recommend him as a person who is, not just proactive, but that also provides positives vibes